MC – tape
LP – lp
12′ – 12′ single
7′ – 7′ single

For further explanations there’re notes at the end of almost every release.

And Also The Trees are : Steven Burrows – bass
Nick Havas – drums
Justin Jones – guitar,keyboard
Simon Huw Jones – vocals

And Also The Trees (UK ????)

1. Wallpaper dying
2. Impulse of man
3. Shantell
4. Falling Spirals
Notes: Demos produced by AATT. Used to get gigs and record deals. With unique cover
From Under The Hill (UK 1982)

1. So this is silence
2. The tease the tear
3. Out of the moving life of circles
4. Impulse of man
5. Midnight garden
6. Talk without words
Notes: Demos from 1982. Limited edition of 200, with unique cover. Tracks 1-3 produced by Mike Hedges and Robert Smith. Tracks 4-6 produced by AATT
Shantell (UK Nov83)
7′: Future FS9

1. Shantell
2. Wallpaper dying
Notes: There’re some misspressed test singles with ‘Shantell’ on both sides (the same version), no ‘Wallpaper dying’ and no cover.
And Also The Trees (UK Feb84)
LP: Reflex LEX1
CD: Reflex LEX1CD
CD: Normal 85CD
LP: WAVE SP25-6013 (Japan) (*)

1. So this is …