The distressful soundlandscape of the Trees

And Also The Trees plays beyond time and place in an exceptional mixture of styles.

And Also The Trees is a strange band, who exist in spite of the trends in time in their own chilled time dimension – practically since day 1 in the early 80′s. Yet And Also The Trees has kept a loyal audience in large parts of the european continent in cities like Paris, Berlin and Liege. Names which smell of decadent cabaret life and chanson traditions, what could be the reason why And Also The Trees find their devoted kindred spirits here. And consequently also in Albertslundhuset, where The Trees’s first appearance on danish soil ever, was the basis for an impressive turnout.

5910287886_eb9936ae11And Also The Trees is at first an easy and comfortable target for ridicule, if you are having a hard time with pompous patos. Singer Simon Huw Jones looks like the square root of all the western worlds aloof garretpoets. A serious young man who simply can’t get painful Weltschmertz enough but who experiences his personal nightmare completely on stage. It would quickly be a bit too hollow and oversensitive if it wasn’t for brother Justin Jones who with his alert, soft simmering, melancholic evocative and elegant sonorous guitarornaments ties the collected impression into a beautiful sensed whole. Then suddenly And Also The Trees sounds like an impressive figure outside time and space. You see The Cure’s hazed soundlandscapes fade in the distance, while Ennio Morricone and Hank Marvin together compose an exceptional soundtrack, before Scott Walker appears as an pious mystic dressed in black with something on his mind, he would like to share with the rest of us.

This is of course not true in real life. Here And Also The Trees are trying to find the roots of modern man in a flickering today with an often matchless arcaic grandness. They still haven’t found what they are looking for, but the road they walk is never uninteresting.