The Millpond Years

This is the first album release from the Trees for two years, after hiding with some great success in Europe. I find it a shame that when bands get overseas popularity they seem to neglect their homes, but then again, they say where the streets are paved with gold Jack’s not a poor boy (or so my last manager kept telling me).10122896495_58434978feWell, with “The Millpond Years” I hope the Trees at last get the respect and sales they deserve at home as well as abroad. “The Millpond Years” encompasses songs of a certain grandeur in a production and writing style. There is the feeling of thought on a larger scale than the average, stylised movement of vast sounds converging on Simon Jones’ pleading vocal tones, seen in all its glory in the wash of guitar, booming drums and sequence drone of “Count Jefferey”, uncompromising and making no excuses in its own excess.

Songs again, so good to feel optimism with the pulsating tones of “Shaletown”, a true ballad crossing many bridges of musical style, the flowing strings and band subtletly of “From The Silver Frost”, including a beautifully-injected trombone duet that comes and goes as smoothly as it’s played, creating an original instrumental track that lifts the record to a more ethereal plane. Well-structured, well-played and well-produced, capturing the band in a more vogueish light that can only work well.