The Trees Are Whispering In The Wind

And Also The Trees, who are visiting Denmark next month, offers musical value for the invested patience. The english cultband AATT has existed since the early 80′s and has in all these years suffered the merciless faith almost to be totally ignored by the leading music press in their home country. Despite this fact, AATT has obstinately kept releasing records (now on a German label) and has often toured Europe, where the band finds an affectionate public. Even in little Denmark there is a small devoted fancult, who with love name the band “traerne” (the trees, edt).

Hank_Marvin02The Klaxon is the 10th album of AATT, and that is – in the most positive sense – strangely anachronistic in it’s pompous grandeur, but despite this offers several evocative melodies centered around the brothers Justin & Simon Huw Jones. Vocalist Simon Huw Jones’ severe mournful croon is in relationship with the voices of Scott Walker and Nick Cave. In the spirit of these names there rests an altmodisch and classisistic character of cabaret mingled with greyblack cinematic picturecreating sonority over the Klaxon, where especially Justin Jones dry creaking Hank Marvin-alike outlines, murmuring acoustic touch and mandolinblinking guitars by turn provide the energy and nuances in the in between magnificent melodies. On other tracks of the album AATT feels like a dense chambermusical rockquartet, who loves playing tag with their rustic peculiar sound, and with patience you travel in many different soundscenaries on the fine little album